What our clients have said…

“Dear Future Customers,

I had a summer full of car trouble! Amidst a cross-country road trip I found out that my AC was broken (in 90-degree weather) and soon enough my Honda Civic 2009 wouldn’t start. So I took it to Jaime and Craig at Dave’s Garage while stopped in Traverse City MI. They were so considerate and quick with their repairs, as well as very reasonable with their pricing. Although my car’s issues were complex and problematic, they were incredibly patient, super helpful and communicated honestly and directly. They totally saved me from a nightmarish meltdown with my poor car and were very knowledgeable. I learned a lot about my car’s AC system this summer! I give them 5 stars for customer service! I will for sure pay them a visit when I return to TC next year!

Thanks guys!”
~ Kacy in MD

“I needed to replace front brake pads and rotors on my Highlander and had an estimate prepared by the store where I purchased tires. I compared their costs to your estimate, and yours was less expensive. Your inspection identified that the rear brakes were not operating properly. I inspected them myself on the lift and I felt completely confident with your assessment even though I had never worked with you. You described the problem and solution in terms that I could understand, and went on to exceed my expectations. The brakes work great and are noticeably more secure. I am very impressed with your service.”
~ Jan and John Doerfer

“Dave and Co. –
Thank you so very much for responding to my family’s emergent car repair needs last week. Your dedicated, prompt service is always appreciated”

“Dear John & Dave,
Thanks so much for always being there! And the car wash – very much appreciated! You guys are the best!”

“Dear Dave,
I’m not sure how many thank you notes you get, but we all agree you deserve one! Our family are all so pleased with how our daughter’s Subaru is running. It really is like a new car since you worked on it. We feel so much better to know she is safer while driving, too. You are a real talent, Dave, and we appreciate how you run your business with top-notch people and ethics!”

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